Culture at City Wide Facility Solutions

What if your job meant more than just being able to pay the bills? What if it meant more than checking off a to-do list, only to get up the next morning and do it all over again? What if your job meant more than you’ve ever imagined?

At City Wide, we have a different idea about what our jobs mean to us. To put it simply, we believe our jobs are changing lives because we’re helping people, rather than just peddling another service.

Our culture developed because our CEO and owner, Jeff Oddo, had a desire to build a company that would allow everyone to be compensated while serving others. In fact, serving others is so important to us, we made it part of our mission.

When you join City Wide, believe you matter here. Believe you have a voice, and that your role is crucial to our company. We can’t wait to learn your name, admire your talents, and celebrate your success with us here. Join us.

What’s Great About Working at City Wide

  • Work in a fast-paced, growing “start-up” organization
  • Collaborate alongside the president of the company
  • See how your job directly impacts the company
  • Build positive relationships in our strong company culture

Love the People You Work With

In a typical week, you’ll likely spend more time with your coworkers than your own family – so it’s important to love the people you work with. Our people make our culture what it is, so we seek out amazing candidates to help foster the work environment we are so proud of. If you think you’d be a great fit, we want to hear from you!

Our Ripple Effect

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the people we serve so our ripple effect is far and wide. With that in mind, our purpose as an organization is to make your life better! We are focused on people within our community, and our priority is serving others. You are City Wide’s purpose, and we believe you can help us live our mission every day by positively impacting the people you encounter as well!

Who is City Wide?

City Wide Facility Solutions is the largest management company in the building maintenance industry, facilitating janitorial and more than 20 additional maintenance services for every client. But we do more than just manage maintenance services for commercial facilities—we pride ourselves on being a partner that not helps our clients save time and solve problems, but keeps their facilities clean and safe.
We are proud of our rating on Glassdoor, and encourage you to check out what our employees have to say about City Wide.