Take a look at your hard-surface floors. Do they shine like they used to? Do you see scuffs or scratches in the walkways? When was the last time they looked new?

Advantages of Hard Floor Cleaning

The state of your hard floors makes a large impact on the overall look of your building. In order to improve the feel of your facility, flooring is key. Make a better impression on clients and visitors, and a more pleasant place for employees, by giving your floors the care and attention they require.

On the flip side, dirty or neglected floors can be a safety hazard. Spills, debris and wear and tear can all lead to slips and potential injuries. A clean floor will ensure you provide as safe a facility as possible for clients, visitors, employees, and anyone else in the building.

Challenges of Proper Hard Floor Cleaning

The issue many property managers and building owners run into is finding the right help to take proper care of their floors. Without the proper tools and expertise, your cleaning service may be falling short in keeping your floors in the best shape.

Ongoing maintenance is a huge part of keeping up the appearance over time and can be a huge time sink for businesses. Hard flooring takes more care than regular sweeping and mopping. Additionally, certain types of textured flooring requires specialized cleaning, and the wrong approach can actually damage your floors.

City Wide for All of Your Hard Floor Cleaning Needs

City Wide will work with you to create a hard floor care plan that covers all flooring types within your building, from carpet to tile to terrazzo. And if your flooring needs additional help due to wear and tear, we can coordinate more substantial restoration services such as a strip and wax, refinish, or repair.

Whatever the needs of your hard floors, City Wide has the tools and expertise to make them shine again. We understand the in-depth cleaning hard-surface floors require and our skilled crews have what it takes to bring them to the highest standards – including tending to floors that have been neglected too long.

Our crews can perform any of the services you need for your building, including:

  • Burnishing
  • High-Performance Vacuuming
  • Installation and Removal
  • Refinishing
  • Repair
  • Scrub and Wax
  • Strip and Wax

Specialty floor types are no problem for the experts who work with City Wide. Our experience and equipment mean we are prepared to help whatever flooring type your building includes. Ask us about any of these specialty services:

  • Cement and Epoxy Floors
  • Gymnasium Floors
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Marble and Terrazzo
  • VCT, LVT and Ceramic Tile
  • Warehouse Floors

We understand how crucial pristine floors are for your building, safety, and image. Our extensive experience goes back almost 60 years, but we also have the latest and best technology to make sure your facility receives the best care possible.

If you are unhappy with the state of the floors or curious about how they can be improved, do not hesitate to contact the experts here at City Wide today. We would be happy to discuss a plan that best serves your facility and needs.